May 19, 2015

The Ultimate Glute Workout for Men

We're calling it now: Glutes are the new six-pack. Here's the ultimate, four-step workout to toning your butt.

For most of my youth I though that all I needed was a 6 pack. Seeing all the girls drooling over the A bercrombie models’ abs was affirmation for me that I must be right. Those guys didn’t show much legs on the pictures, and girls didn’t seem to care much about it, so I though why work them, right? Wrong.

Now that I am in my late twenties and with a lot more experience, I know that girls actually love men’s legs and specially men’s butt. “Yes I was surprised as well”. Let’s see why you should consider following a “men’s glute workout” :


You will get noticed at the beach

We all have seen that guy wearing swimwear with an iron table butt; It is just not attractive. You can have a perfect chest, arms and abs but without nice legs and a hard butt you will look like a human triangle.

If you followed my post about swim wear, you saw that to look good you need to find nice fit shorts; meaning, you need to show some legs and skin.

Soccer players get it right

torcedora-assanhada-faz-pedido-para-hulk-deixa-eu-apertar-sua-bunda-ela-acompanhou-a-chegada-da-selecao-a-granja-comary-nesta-quinta-feira-1403198115660_956x500 Hulk’ let me grab it.

Like I said, we all notice the thin legs and flat butt when someone is wearing swimwear.

It wasn’t until I started paying attention to girls watching soccer games at the last World cup, that I saw their fascination with the player’s butt.

One particular player was getting more attention on Brazil’s soccer team then any other player, and that was Hulk.

Come on, the guy does not have a pretty face and he is getting all this attention because of his butt?

So I started to search a little more on the subject and I found that a guy’s butt is actually a big deal for girls. Ask a girl friend or your sisters, and they will tell you. Mcw723f

How to get it

Now that you know that a men’s butt is a very important body part, let’s see how you can achieve a nice behind.

First of all, from what I understand and asked many girls, is not the size of the butt that matters but how good it looks. Just like the rest of your body, if you are “big” because you have a lot of fat, it doesn’t count. Women like defined legs and butt, not a fat booty.

Your body type will also determine if you will have a big or small butt. For some dudes, they won’t have to do anything, they are just born with it. For others they will have to do many squats in order to develop a nice bun.

Butt Workout 101

When I started to care a little more about ‘the butt’ I didn’t have to change my workouts a lot. What I did was implement movements that would require me to use more of the butt muscles.

When I am training someone for the first time I tell them this:

Try to focus on the body part you are trying to use

When you activate the butt muscles, it will be way easier to get it toned. It requires a little bit of practice though. Just like your legs, you need to learn how to balance your strength so you are not just focusing in one area. The squats will be one of your best friends in this new journey.

Here is some good exercises that will get you a rock hard butt:

Men's butt workout 101


Remember, there is not a need for you to be doing small butt exercises like girls. As long as you train your legs hard and activate your butt muscles during the exercises, you should be fine.

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