Jan 17, 2014

Aigle Chelsea Boot

It is my thorough belief that every respectable man should...

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It is my thorough belief that every respectable man should own a black pair of 'Chelsea' boots and especially during these next few months of the year when the weather begins to transition from winter to spring. The Chelsea boot has a long standing history dating back to the Victorian age, when they were called Dealer boots, and worn for horse riding. Since then the Chelsea boot has become a staple item for rock and rollers like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and people with a edgy fashion sense. The sleek look of the boot, paired with it hitting right at the ankle, makes this boot very versatile as in what you can wear them with. Opt for a black pair like this Aigle Jodhpur Boot to wear with just about anything. The elastic on the side makes the boot easy to slip on an off. Rock your best rocker chic with these boots over the next few months and you'll soon start to notice you'll be walking a little taller, a little edgier and definitely a lot more stylish. Check out three looks below to get inspired on your Chelsea boot look.

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