Aug 25, 2013

Adidas Talenthouse Sunglasses

As time goes on, designers are giving their clientele more...


As time goes on, designers are giving their clientele more control over what products and designs they want to see in future lines by creating contests, and polls. As part of this revolutionary opportunity that gives the fashion industry a personal look to what people like and what trends can be seen from within the streets, Adidas and Talenthouse had created a contest that began over a year ago. This contest consisted on giving people the opportunity to use the Adidas' Santiago sunglass frames as their sketch pad.

People from all parts of the world, and from different scenarios and lifestyles, participated in the submission of their personal idea of how the design of the sunglasses should look like. Now, Adidas has selected three lucky winners who's creation will be part of their limited edition release worldwide.

The Winning designs:

Designer: Tamir Baasanjav
Designer: Alexandre Muner
Designer: James Thomas Fields

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