random polo/ topman shirt/ zara shorts/ vintage sneakers

The last days I was thinking that simplicity, if done right, is the best way for expression and plain beauty.

Leaded by this philosophy I ended up in a total white outfit. Inspired by the great Phillip Lim

and his menswear runway show for SS 2013. It is also as much as I remeber

the first time you see me wearing running sneakers. I was never the kinf of sportive guy.

It's a really comfortable pair of shoes which fits with everything.

Last but not least I have a big complaint about linen and especially my linen shorts.

It's a very beautiful fabric, ideal for summer and hot days but so easy to wrinkle.

After and hour of wearing it it's full of big fat wrinkles, something I can't stand.

It's not the first and not the last time you 'll see me in a more minimal and simple outfit.





Photos by Iris G.


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