Jun 15, 2015

3 Essential Accessories You're Probably Overlooking

Style is in the details—and not just the attire. Here are three essential elements to consider with every outfit.

Style is in the little details and not just the attire. The right accessories go a long way in enhancing your ensemble and creating a statement without dominating your outfit. While there hasn’t been much spotlight on men’s fashion accessories in the past but with high-end brands, such as Common Projects, Want Les Essentiels de la vie, Dunhill, Marni and Larose, the fad of men’s accessories has rapidly gained momentum. Here’s our guide to how you can revamp your style and look perfect from head to toe:


Every fan of “Mad Men” must be familiar with the flamboyance of tie clips. A tie clip which prevents your tie from flapping about must be your go to accessory. It’s not just restricted to that however. A tie clip reflects your taste, meticulousness and flair. We recommend the vintage onyx tie clip from Dunhill which could be gracefully paired with a gray suit and a black tie for a look that is just classic and intricate without being boisterous.


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Instead of groping your pockets for your phone when you need to check the time, a more pompous affair ensues when you brandish a wristwatch. A chic watch brings life to even the drabbest outfit. We recommend Bremont’s “timeless SOLO/WH automatic watch”. Its inconspicuous and subtle aesthetics raise the style bar to a whole new level.


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Your feet are the most neglected part of your persona and yet the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. If you are into black derbies, no designer could have been a bigger maverick than the London cult footwear designer Mr. Marc Hare. Minimalistic detailing, simplicity and rounded toe caps, makes “Bernard Derbies” both stylish and dependable.


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If you are a hat person, well hats off to you! This summer, the penchant for hats is on the rise, both for hat loyalists and those jumping on the bandwagon. We recommend the “rabbit felt” hat from Larose as the ultimate addition to your wardrobe. The handmade, classic fedora hat could easily lend the rock ‘n roll zap to any outfit, from skinny jeans to an ostentatiously tailored piece.


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