Mar 18, 2014

Aaron De La Crus for 55DSL + Birkenstock

Just moments ago I received a mass email from Diesel...


Just moments ago I received a mass email from Diesel announcing a special release from Birkenstock. I haven't mentioned this at all, but I've been on the hunt for a pair of black or white stocks ever since last summer. Now I think it's clear that I can have both (if they came in my size).

"Aaron made the trip from the streets of San Francisco to the hills of northern Italy to create his first Italian wall mural. The Birkenstocks were lined up underneath the 50ft artwork where during the process of painting, intentionally directed flecks and drips directly from the paintbrush customized each sandal with organic white patterns — ensuring that each pair produced is a one off part of this limited edition run," according to the Arktip chronicles. A video of "the Making Of" is also said to be released soon.

I wouldn't be surprised if these bad boys sold out soon, so get your cards ready and head over to the Diesel Shop.

Aaron De La Cruz for 55DSL + Birkenstock, Curated by Arkitip from The Arkitip Chronicles on Vimeo.

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