Nov 16, 2014

A Year in the World of Versus Versace

Versus is the diffusion line of the world-renowned luxury fashion...

Versus is the diffusion line of the world-renowned luxury fashion house Versace. A diffusion line, also known as a bridge line, represents a secondary line of products created by a fashion designer or a fashion house. Diffusion lines usually consist of clothes that are sold at lower prices than those from the main line. Diffusion products are separate, but at the same time connected to the designer’s or house’s artistic line. Items from diffusion lines are usually sold both along with the designer’s main line, but they are also made available in outlets and high-street stores. The purpose of diffusion lines is to increase a high-end brand’s sales volumes by making them available to a wider market, due to their lower prices, while still leveraging the consumer’s wish to purchase items from an upscale brand. Diffusion collections are also a response to the collections that copy high-end designs and sell them at lower prices.

Versace’s Versus line was launched in 1989 and was just one of the many diffusion lines released by the Italian fashion house. The line was a gift made the company’s founder, Gianni Versace to his sister, Donatella Versace. The line was closed in 2005 and resurrected in 2009 by Donatella.  The new line was relaunched with a capsule collection of accessories (a capsule wardrobe is a collection consisting of just a few essential pieces that are designed not to go out of fashion) by Christopher Kane, a British designer who is today Donatella’s co-creative director.

Diffusion lines are often not given the credit they are due and many times they get overseen by blogs and the fashion media. The last two collections of the Versus Versace line (the fall-winter 2014 – 15 and the spring-summer 2015 collections) represented a remarkable style peak reached by the Italian house.

Using a bold aesthetic and an impressive array of prints, colors and cuts, Versus Versace has offered the world a new twist on affordable luxury.



The fall-winter 2014-15 collection

Using a strong aesthetic inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll scene of the 1960s and 70s, the fw 2014-15 collection was a tribute to the rebels of the time. The classic Versace style was mixed with mod-inspired jackets and suits as well as by psychedelic pieces that kept the retro vibe of the line. This collection brought the unique world of counter-culture into the world of high fashion as it depicted a series of iconic moments from the music scene of the time that inspired it.

The dark-light contrasts that defined this collection were also extended to the line of accessories: the shoes that accompanied the collection were exquisite and incorporated the feel of the 60s and 70s in a modern aesthetic.

Take a look at the best looks from the collection and read our commentary for each menswear outfit!


Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014 Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014 Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014 Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014 Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014 Versus-Versace-Men-Fall-Winter-2014




The spring-summer 2015 collection

The next collection continued the rebel and colorful aesthetic of the fall-winter collection. With fearless prints, colorful graphics and a streetwear-inspired aesthetic, the collection offered a new vision of what youth and street culture can be. Everything from denim to bright metallics was on display in their newest look book.

This collection is contemporary, strong and clean. The slim, sleek shapes continued the journey started by the fall-winter collection by simplifying and updating the aesthetic.

The clothes were accompanied by a series of carefully-crafted accessories that complimented and completed the collection.

By clicking the first picture from the gallery, you can discover the best looks from the collection and read our commentary for each outfit!


Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015 Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015 Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015 Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015 Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015 Versus-Versace-Spring-Summer-2015




What we’ve learned

There are several things we have learned from this Versus Versace fashion year: first, we learned that sporty can be elegant, secondly, we learned that well-tailored clothes are truly timeless and thirdly, we learned that you can never have too much pattern.


When Gianni Versace created the line, he described it as “Versus was born with an innate creative approach, with a strong focus on innovation, flair and the unconventional. An artistic force that takes present fashion forward, anticipating new trends and embracing challenge”.  This description seems to have lasted in time, as it applies to these two collections too, as, even though they are different, they both represent these values.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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