Apr 23, 2015

5 Things You Need in Your Wardrobe This Spring

Robert Twitty shares his spring staples, from loafers to the perfect timepiece.

As you start add to or update your Spring wardrobe consider adding a few staple items into the mix: a cotton double-breasted blazer (blue is the most versatile), white jeans or chinos (I like chinos), and a sleek timepiece. I know what you are thinking, a double-breasted jacket may overheat you if you keep it closed. True, the tradition rule is to keep a DB close, but like we’ve seen throughout many men’s fashion magazines it is ok to let your DB fly open.

This shouldn’t take much convincing but invest in a pair of white (or off-white) chinos, and keep them in constant rotation. They pair well with everything, they are light in color (which help reflect the sun off of your body), and they are just a stress-free spring/summer item to throw on when you are in a rush.

I am happy to see more mandarin collared shirts appear on the racks of some of today’s top retailers. This short unfolded stand-up collar was first introduced by the Chinese and became very popular in the James Bond’s 1962 film, Dr. No. Due to its unique short collar, I would say this is a great piece to wear on during those 80 degree weather days. Leave a few buttons undone along with that DB blazer I mentioned above


Loafers are a must for warmer weather. You can chose a very casual option like the one feature above or you can purchase a loafer with a longer vamp for a more dressy/office appropriate shoe.



You can't have a staple wardrobe with a nice timepiece. This stainless steel watch should do the trick. You can keep it the face simple or you can be a bit risky and go with this fashion forward option with a dual face design.

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