Jan 29, 2015

A Review of the West End Bridle Leather Belt by Equus Leather

The West End Bridle Belt by Equus LeatherBelts are one...

West End Bridle Belt Equus leather 2 The West End Bridle Belt by Equus Leather

Belts are one of those accessories that are very common, yet highly important. Even though it might seem that your belt does not play an important part of your outfit, in actuality it does. Adding on a belt to an outfit can make you look more powerful, more stylish and more elegant.

Moreover, wearing a good belt can make you look more proportioned and balanced, as it adds a defining line that will add structure to your look; it will make you feel comfortable, as it will be holding your pants up and it is also a great style statement.

Belts these days come in all shapes and sizes, so discovering a belt that is strong, that is visually attractive, but in a subtle and refined manner can be hard.

Recently, we were introduced to a great belt created by UK brand Equus Leather. Equus Leather is a brand that creates high-quality, hand-made leather belts, wallets and watch straps, as well as lurcher collars, rolled leather collars , half check collars, leads, and other accessories. They have been making these amazing products since 1995 and are shopping their work around the world.


West End Bridle Belt Equus leather


One of their best-selling items is the West End Bridle Leather Belt, which is a very beautiful, strong and manly belt.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe that this belt is a great accessory for men:




A stainless steel West End (satin finish) A stainless steel West End (satin finish)

The first thing that comes to mind about this belt is that it is made from bridle leather. There are several types of leather, such as bonded leather, full-grain leather, etc., but bridle leather is right at the top of the charts. Bridle leather means that a piece of cow hide has both the flesh and the grain side of the leather stuffed with greases and then finished with wax. This is a very special process, with requires a big investment and demands a lot of work, but the results are absolutely amazing. There are just a few tanneries that produce such bridle leather, so owning such a piece is really something special.

Bridle leather is strong and highly resistant material, so such a belt is going to last for a very long time. This is why investing in such a belt is definitely worth it. When you are buying clothes and accessories, you should always consider the cost/wear ratio, which refers to what it actually costs to wear a piece each time. For example, if you are buying a belt that costs $12, but you only get to wear it three times before it tears, the cost/wear ratio is $4 (12/3). At the same time, if you buy a $70 belt, but wear it at least 120 times, the cost/wear is $0.5 (70/120), which makes the more expensive, but more qualitative pair be worth more than a cheaper one. A good belt such as the West End Bridle Leather Belt is probably going to last a lot more than 120 wears.





A stainless steel West End in hazel A stainless steel West End in hazel


The West End Bridle Leather Belt is not a belt that can be commented on, but it is many belts, as the guys at Equus Leather allow their customers to design their own belt: one can choose the belt’s width, color and buckle material (stainless steel, solid brass or solid nickel). We salute this initiative, as, this way, you don’t need to adapt your clothes to your belt, but you can easily customize your belt according to your clothes.

The belt is made for men of all sizes and comes with 7 holes as a standard, and offers the wearer 6 inches of adjustment. However, given that the guys at Equus Leather make each belt custom, you can also choose to have only 5 holes, and to change the spacing between the holes from the standard 1 inch to the more common ¾ inch.

Also, if you want your belt to have a different belt buckle than the standard one, the UK brand can offer you this as well.

This being said, keep in mind that the stainless steel and nickel buckles are usually more appropriate for semi-formal or business wear, and go great with dress pants, whereas the solid brass buckle is more appropriate for casual outfits. Fortunately, the stainless steel buckle will not lose its color or rust easily and is a very bright white. The nickel buckle has a deeper finish in a yellow white color that resembles a precious metal. Wearing such a buckle is definitely going to draw attention from the people around you.

Because this belt is handmade from Sedgwick first selection Bridle Butt, it will last for a very long time, maintaining its shape and strength.



Belt rules

In the end, we need to remind you a few belt rules:

  • First of all, you should always make sure that, if you are wearing a belt, you should not wear suspenders as well. They both serve the same purpose, so wearing a belt with suspenders would be like wearing a blazer and a sports jacket at the same time.
  • A second rule when it comes to belts is that their width should be proportionate to your size. Bigger men should wear wider belts and men with a narrower frame should wear thinner belts.
  • A third belt rule to remember is that your belt should always match your shoes colorwise. For casual, everyday outfits, you can make an exception, especially if the belt is made from canvas and features brighter colors. However, when you are wearing a suit, we always recommend that your belt and shoes have the same color. Otherwise, you will look as if you mixed several outfits into one and do not have one, cohesive outfit. For a more subtle and impactful look, you can also match your belt to your wristwatch or other pieces.


Adding accessories to your wardrobe that will complete your outfits and make them more coherent and structured is something that is very important and that we highly recommend.

Therefore, to conclude, we can say that the West End Bridle Leather Belt by Equus Leather is a great accessory because of its style, materials and because each piece is carefully made by hand. Moreover, the number of customizing possibilities and the brand’s openness to adjusting the design according to each customer’s wishes, give you the opportunity to create and wear a belt that is you and that goes with your size and outfits perfectly.


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