Jan 22, 2014

A New Kind Of… Motorcycle Shop

“A New Kind Of” will be a new series here...

original“A New Kind Of” will be a new series here on The Highway Kind where we examine a new trend that is bucking the old traditions and replacing it with something better. Today’s focused on Jane Motorcycles, which is a one part coffee shop, one part retailer, and one part motorcycle shop located in Brooklyn.


I recognize that cafes that have a motorcyclist following are nothing new, as the Ace Cafe London can prove. But what Adam Kallen and Alex Dimattio have done differently is speak specifically to the riders of New York with this shop. There is all types of gear for riders and non-riders alike. And the mood in Jane is warm and welcoming, unlike many of the motorcycle shops of years past. The coffee is locally roasted and the shirts are made in Brooklyn. The idea is to invite both businessmen on their way to work as well as riders trying to shake off whatever wrongs they did the night before. If you’d like to know more, check out Whiskey Grade’s video of the shop and interviews with Adam and Alex.


Jane is located at 161 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY.

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