Aug 23, 2013

a little something different.

a little something different. it’s alright to ‘dress outside the...





a little something different. it’s alright to ‘dress outside the draw’.

wear a funky color or an untraditional pair of shades. it keeps things fun and those around you (who care enough to notice) intrigued. i’m not advising 6 popped collars and spring sock layering but a simple toned down wardrobe differentiation can go a long way. i’m not sure i did this above. to you i might look ridiculous but this is new york city god damn it.

these yellow loafers are definitely abnormal. but sometimes, abnormal is admirable. they throw my tonal shoe collection for a whirl and are ridiculously soft. plus, they were given to me by my amigos at Florsheim by Duckie Brown to keep my feet company during this upcoming NYFW. In fact, they’re giving away $300 to one of you guys. Give them a little digital love, vote for your favorite past Duckie Brown look and land yourself a sharp pair of shoes.

shades via dom vetro
t shirt via gildan
pant via suit supply
shoe via florsheim by duckie brown
rucksack via ernest alexander

photo by alex maier

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