Oct 31, 2013

A Guide to Suit Jacket Lapels

Most men know the kind of suit they love to...

A Guide to Suit Jacket Lapels

Most men know the kind of suit they love to wear or the style that captures their eye, however, there is more to it than "just a suit jacket."

Lapels on a suit jacket are important in terms of how it makes the overall suit appear; dependent on a number of factors such as the man’s build, fabric or occasion.

There are three basic forms of lapel which every guy should know of:

Notched lapels

doubleface.jpg~originalThe notch lapel is the most common

This type of lapel is usually found on single-breasted jackets and are the most informal style; the kind that could also be worn with a pair of jeans and smart shoes.

This standard style is found on most business suits, blazers and sports jackets.

Notched lapels are sewn at an angle on the collar creating a step effect.

Peaked Lapels


On the other hand double-breasted jackets usually have peaked/pointed lapels because traditionally they're the more formal style.

These can be found on tailcoats, morning coats or dinner jackets. In 1930s the dinner jacket became increasingly popular which today is often seen worn as part of daytime attire.

Shawl Lapels


Finally there is the shawl lapel which was a style that derived from Victorian evening wear and seen on Victorian ‘smoking jackets’, and so they're rarely seen on a standard suit jacket.

The signature style includes a continous curve with no visial cuts or stitching on the lapel. The other lapels have a buttonhole on the left of the jacket for a pin or decorative flower to be attached.

Some designers believe the lapels of s jacket should extend to just a fraction less than the halfway mark between the collar and shoulder line – something to bear in mind when out shopping for the perfect jacket!

There are also jackets with no lapels, so are likely to have stand collars, band collars or choker collars which are commonly found in military wear.

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