Aug 30, 2013

Summer’s Departure

A Collected Style: Summer’s Departure Summer is rapidly creeping away...




A Collected Style:

Summer’s Departure

Summer is rapidly creeping away from us, before you know it leaves will be covering the ground and the hot temperatures will be dropping. I for one love to wear bold colors during the summer, even though it can be pulled off during any season if done right. It’s something about the bold colors during the summertime that bring happiness to yourself and others. You ever wore a crazy color on dreary day and watched peoples reactions as you passed them by? 9 times outta 10, it will bring a smile to their faces , I know it does for me. So as we countdown the last days of summer, let’s embrace our wild colorful side one last time.

Outfit Details: Striped Sweater by Old Navy $20 || Light Blue Striped Button Down by Izod, Consignment Store $7 || Sun-Faded Chino in 484 Fit by J.Crew $40 || Ellington Perfed Plain Toe Courtesy of Johnston & Murphy

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