May 22, 2013

A Checkered Past

Tie: LVJ Haberdasher get here Shirt: Express similar here Shoes:...


Tie: LVJ Haberdasher get here
Shirt: Express similar here
Shoes: Stacy Adams get here
Chinos: J. Crew get here
Cardigan: All-Son similar here






Mixing patterns is an art, but then again so is fashion. What you wear paints a picture, whether positive or negative. I’ve heard before, “does this shirt go with this tie?” I’d reply, “it depends.” You have to look past just how the shirt and tie pair with each other and how it correlates with the outfit. Case in point, the combo I’m wearing today embraces various aspects in everything I’m wearing.

The plaid tie combines a few different colors, including brown, light blue, black, white and an orange-tan. While the shirt incorporates some of those colors, the cardigan, shoes and even the laces share the same colors. To merely match a tie to the shirt irrespective of the rest of the ensemble might make for an off-putting collaboration. So look at the big picture when asking if those two patterns come together.

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