Apr 29, 2015

A 3-Ingredient Gin Cocktail to Impress Your Friends

You're just three ingredients away from a bright, citrusy gin cocktail.

I’m a geek for gin so I love finding new ways to enjoy it. This cocktail, while on the sweeter side, has the perfect balance of flavors to complement my favorite gin, Hendricks. And it is the perfect cocktail to enjoy now that the weather is heating up. But, most importantly, this cocktail will make all your friends go ooh and oh my gosh do I taste sage? And you, being the expert bartender that you are will be able to say, why yes that is. Read further to learn how.

Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 1 Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 2 This cocktail packs a full-flavored punch with bitterness from the grapefruit and floral notes from both the gin and the sage. I perused a bunch of different recipes and came up with this one based upon what I had on hand so feel free to experiment with whatever you have nearby. The main ingredients: gin (could use vodka), grapefruit, and an herbal simple syrup. Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 5Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 4


Cocktail Recipe

2oz. gin (Hendricks in this case because it’s amazing)

1/2oz. sage simple syrup (see recipe below)

3-4oz. fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

1oz. grapefruit soda (only use this if you want a sweeter, bubblier taste)

Combine ice, gin, grapefruit juice and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker. Vigorously stir until ingredients are thoroughly chilled. Strain into a glass. Add a wedge of grapefruit and a sprig of sage for garnish.

Simple Syrup

Start with the base any of any good simple syrup, equal parts water and sugar. I made a small batch so used half cup of each. Then add your herb. In this case sage (I would highly recommend because the floral notes play really well off the grapefruit).

1/2 Cup water

1/2 Cup sugar

4 stems of sage

Add all ingredients to a saucepan and heat on low. Stir occasionally until the sugar has dissolved and created a syrup. Turn off the heat and let the syrup cool. Once cool, remove the stems of sage and filter the syrup into a jar. TIP: You can create more of the syrup and store in the fridge for a good 10-14 days. Strain the syrup through a mesh colander to remove any sage leaves that may have fallen off. Store in the refrigerator.

Beware, this cocktail is super easy to drink so you might find yourself making glass upon glass so ensure you have enough sage simple syrup to go around. Enjoy! Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 6

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