Jan 29, 2014

_JULIUS x KUBORAUM _ Past and Present

During Berlin Fashion Week, KUBORAUM invited to their ‘Past and...

kuboraum x julius at bfw-11

During Berlin Fashion Week, KUBORAUM invited to their ‘Past and Present’ exhibition in collaboration with avantgarde fashion label Julius. The presentation showcased the label’s latest “mask”-designs, Julius’s clothes and the stunning glasses crafted for the Julius runway show.

“Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight the personality and emphasise the character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, with game. The KUBORAUM masks are synonymous with emphasis, protection and shelter. Kuboraum are like cubicle rooms where we shelter ourself, where we are free to live our intimacy, all our identities and look at the world through two lenses.”


Photography by Stefan Dotter for WhiteLies Magazine

adam nabile me-1adam nabile me-1
kuboraum x julius at bfw-4kuboraum x julius at bfw-4
kuboraum x julius at bfw-6kuboraum x julius at bfw-6
kuboraum x julius at bfw-8kuboraum x julius at bfw-8
kuboraum x julius at bfw-10kuboraum x julius at bfw-10
kuboraum x julius at bfw-12kuboraum x julius at bfw-12
kuboraum x julius at bfw-16kuboraum x julius at bfw-16

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