Apr 09, 2014

7 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

There are entire magazines dedicated to women's style. Want to learn a thing or two about men's style?

7 Style Tips For Men Main

1) Get to know yourself. Time to put the personal in personal style. Nicer brands don’t always make for a high quality look. It’s one thing to drop money on an expensive suit, but it also needs to be flattering while fitting your vibe. Think of the clothes in your closet as its own brand. Major labels experiment all the time, but still stay true to a certain aesthetic, as should you.

2) Raid your family’s closets. DO NOT pick the vintage tweed. Try mixing a hand-me-down from your dad, grandpa, or brother with newer items to show off where you come from. The older, more personal items can draw attention and serve as conversation starters that familiarize folks with your background as opposed to your bank account.

3) Neutrals are important. Unless you’re a Versace collector, neutrals are some of the best investments you can make in clothing. If you're ever thinking of dropping more money than you normally would on a garment, make sure it’s something you’re going to live in. That usually involves it being simple, neutral, comfy, and easy to mix with things you already own.

4) Leather will only get you through the workweek. Nothing is worse than seeing a businessman out and about in khaki shorts, a polo, leather belt, and white tennis shoes. Don’t rock the Catholic schoolboy look, and make sure your belts and shoes for the weekend are lax, stylish, and something you wouldn’t wear in the workplace. Your chinos can be more colorful, your boat shoes more broken in, and your demeanor more chill.


5) Don’t buy graphic tees unless they’re directly related to your personal interests. Graphic tees with one line jokes on them died somewhere in the early 2000’s. They’re generally a waste of money, unless they’re taken from a favorite movie or band. The best parallel I can give is a girl I know who wore a shirt with the “Rollin’ with the Homies” scene of Clueless printed on it. You can tell exactly how far back her Paul Rudd crush goes and how deep her knowledge of the 90’s is. Think along the lines of #1 for your t-shirt choices in the future.


6) Unless you think your ice game can pull off Gucci Mane levels of diamonds, you should probably drop the bling. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend -- girl’s best friend. There are plenty of expensive accessory brands you can use to show off that offer quality, tech features, and craftsmanship over a bunch of diamonds stuffed inside.

7) You can actually trade clothes with other guys. WHAT?! I thought trading clothes was something only girls did out. If you have an important date or occasion coming up, raid your friend’s closet. This is a budget-friendly alternative that keeps you from being too repetitive if you have a limited wardrobe. Pinterest and DIY blogs have made it very chic for chicks to be resourceful, so why not show off your savvy?

7 Style Tips For Men

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