Jun 03, 2014

7 Gifts for Grooming Dad

Whether you are an old dad or a young dad,...

Whether you are an old dad or a young dad, grooming is a big part of who you are as a man.   Sometimes, the dad in your life may need a little help with some of the new products on the market.  While your dad may have taught you how to shave,  here’s a chance to teach him how to exfoliate.   Check out some of the very cool products that will keep your dad looking and feeling fresh.

Classic Daily Conditioner

Classic Daily Conditioner $11.25

Love this Daily Conditioner from American Crew.  You can use this conditioner for your hair or your facial hair.    It has a peppermint oil in its ingredients that leave you feeling refreshed.

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Dove ShavingCream $26

Dove Total Comfort Shave Cream is true to its statement on the packaging.   While other shaving creams can feel harsh against your skin, this product feels amazing as you apply it on.   It softens hair on the contact, providing a much easier shave.



Vince Camuto Homme 1.7 oz $57

Strikingly masculine and clean, Vince Camuto Homme evokes the seduction and adventure of the Mediterranean and is inspired by its brilliant blue skies, intoxicating sea, and rugged coastline.  Add this fragrance to your collection for an everyday update for the summer.

Bead Tonic $16

Beards take a lot of maintenance.  As the dad in your life continues to grow out his beard.  Help him keep it soft and moisturized  with this beard oil.



HYD For Men Buffer Stick $24.99


Keeping youthful is an important part to being a dad.  Exfoliate once a week with this Buffer stick that leaves your face clean and refreshed.  Unlike many other exfoliators,  you only have to use this buffer stick once a week which is perfect for the father in your life. Low maintenance and much moisture!

Beau Balm $22

Beau Balm from Belle Butters is a multi purpose butter that is great for skin softening, beard maintenance as far as pre-post shave regimen.  A little bit goes a long way and its a perfect product for the father in your life.


CND Cucumber Heel Therapy

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy $15.50

While the father in your life may not have time to get a pedicure, he can definitely use this product at home.  Apply a small amount of this product to repair dry cracked skin on heels, elbows and other areas prone to roughness.


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