Nov 25, 2014

7 Chic + Tech Travel Accessories to Have

Since my recent trip to the UK was going to...


Since my recent trip to the UK was going to be on the luxury side of travel with me staying at the five-star Corinthia Hotel London, I decided to pack accessories that would not only be useful tech wise, but look chic as well:



While earbuds are perfect for everyday city exploring, a stylish and functional pair of headphones for an international flight and to make a statement are a must.

Wallet iPhone Cover


A flawless match for the headphone above, wallet iPhone covers are a stylish upgrade from your everyday snap-on case.

Wallet / Coin Case


If you are traveling to UK or another destination that might have you carrying around a lot of coins, along with a wallet smartphone cover for cards, a second zip wallet comes in handy.

iPhone Camera Lens


While the iPhone’s lens is getting better, higher quality photos are achievable with external lenses. The Kodak PIXPRO Smart Lens Camera is an easy to use tool that provides additional optical zoom. It is easy to attach to the back of your iPhone, and then after downloading an app and connecting to the lens via WiFi, you are able to start shooting detailed 16MP photos or 1080p HD movies.

Portable Power Source


A portable power supply source is an important tool for both everyday and travel.

USB / Lightning Cable

Stylish tech shouldn’t just stop at the portable power source and iPhone case. No, even a USB cord or lightning cable can be upgraded.



You need a chic backpack to carry all of these gadgets and accessories in.

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