Sep 11, 2014

6 things to consider when buying glasses (B)

A lot of people today need to wear glasses. Fortunately,...

A lot of people today need to wear glasses. Fortunately, glasses are now not only medical pieces, but fashion accessories as well, as many fashion brands are developing eyewear lines as well. You can choose a pair of glasses that will compliment your look if you know what to look for when buying a new pair.

Thin glasses frames There are many places where you can get glasses; that should not represent a problem for you. Today you can even buy glasses online. There are many pros and cons when it comes to buying glasses online, and in the end, you decide whether you want to do so or not.

Some websites sell glasses that are not especially made for your prescription, but other sites such as Eyeglass Discounter allow you to upload a scanned prescription or they can even call your doctor, among other ways, to send the prescription over. We always say that it is very important to take all measures to make sure that your glasses are what you need, which is why we encourage you to check with your doctor before buying a new pair or to have your glasses checked by a professional once they arrive so that you make sure they match your prescription. It is your health and well-being what what glasses should be all about.

Here are six things to consider when you are thinking of buying new glasses:


1. Shape

Ray Ban Clubmaster

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster available on

The shape of your eyeglasses is, besides the functionality of the lenses, the most important thing about a pair of glasses. A pair of glasses can enhance your natural features and make you look better. Some people even look better with glasses than without.

This is why it is very important to choose the right glasses for your face shape. Basically, it’s all about working with your facial features and creating an overall harmonious look. Therefore, people with oval faces can wear most shapes, while people with rounder faces should wear glasses that feature rather pointy angles. People with square faces should balance out their features by wearing glasses with rounded edges.


2. Sizing

Eyeglasses frames are sized with three numbers written on the packaging or on the frame.

These numbers represent the size of the lens, the size of the bridge that crosses your nose and the length of the temples. These measurements, however, do not take into consideration the thickness of your glasses or other elements, so two sets of frames with identical measurements can feel different depending on their design.

This is why you should remember that thinner, lighter frames usually sit more comfortable and allow a better fit. Heavy and large frames should be sized looser than what you are used to.


3. Color

Ray Ban New Wayfarer

The Ray Ban New Wayfarer Top Havana in violet

The color of your glasses is a very important aspect. When you are buying glasses, you should take a few factors into consideration:

The color or print of your glasses frames is a crucial element to consider when you are choosing stylish glasses. You need to consider your features when you are choosing these. Your glasses are going to be placed very close to your eyes, your hair and obviously, your skin, which is why it is important to know how to coordinate colors.

Some colors mix better with others, some combinations create contrasts (e.g. black frames on very white skin) while others mute each other out (e.g. white frames on very white skin).

The color of the lenses is also an important factor to think of. Most glasses have transparent lenses or feature reflexes, while others change their color with the environment.

Some sunglasses feature very colorful lenses. These generally are sporty and go well with urban clothes.

Make sure that the frames – lenses combination is the right one and afterwards consider whether this color or color combination works well with your wardrobe. Which brings us to our next point…


4. Versatility

To find the right pair of glasses, you also need to consider the way they work with your style.

Academic glasses Think of the clothes you are wearing and go for a pair that has a design that works well with your clothes. Urban clothes usually go better with funky designs and bright colors such as bright green or fuchsia, while semi-formal or formal clothes should be matched to elegant, sleek glasses. Remember that when it comes to wearing metallic glasses, both gold and silver are neutrals, so they can be worn with anything. Gold and silver can also be paired with each other, which means that if you have golden sunglasses they will work with a silver necklace too, not with just a golden one.

Geek glasses Your style is not the only thing your glasses need to match, they also need to be appropriate for the things you do or for the places you go. Ask yourself whether the pair you are trying on is right for your job, for the message you want to send out and for your lifestyle. A pink pair of glasses is probably not the most appropriate look if you are trying to be a doctor for example.


5. Materials

In regards of materials, there are many chemicals that are used to make glasses. Nylon-based composites and plastics are generally used to create colorful glasses, but painted metals are also used sometimes. Zylonite (also called just Zyl) is also a lightweight material from which frames are made. It is available in most colors. Sport glasses are generally made from more flexible nylon-based materials.

Because of their flexibility and lightness, titanium and titanium alloys are also popular fabrics when it comes to manufacturing glasses. If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, you should be careful with wearing cheaper blended metals. Most alloys used to make eyeglass frames include nickel, which is an element to which many people are allergic.

You can also find frames made from aluminum, which might come at a very affordable price, but are not very durable.


6. Price

The price is a decisive factor when you are on the look-out for a new pair of glasses. After considering all the factors written so far, the price is probably a key element when it comes to purchasing glasses.

As you know, more expensive does not always equal better, but if you want to buy cheap glasses, ask yourself why they are so cheap. Purchasing a pair that costs very little is probably an indicator of weak materials and bad payments for the workers that make the frames. Think about the fact that you will be wearing your glasses a lot, which is why you should think of investing in a good piece. Designer frames usually come at higher costs, but they usually also guarantee quality materials and good craftsmanship. On websites such as Eyeglass Discounter, which we mentioned earlier, you can find designer glasses from brands such as Ray-Ban, Fendi, Prada or Versace at affordable prices (well, as affordable as designer wear can get).


To conclude we need to say that these tips are just guidelines that can help you buy a good pair of glasses. In the end, it’s all about your personal comfort, the confidence your glasses give you and the way you feel they convey to the world the message you want to transmit.


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