Nov 07, 2013

5 Things You Notice About Your Clothes After You’ve Been Drinking

There is so much revelation that comes after a night...


There is so much revelation that comes after a night of fun; who you shouldn’t have danced with, liquor you’ll never drink again, photo faces to leave behind and most of all what not to wear ever again. In the height of fun, style choices are made and they’re not always the best ones. We’re all guilty of selecting awesome items while shopping but later realizing they don’t always go well together.  Some of us learn the hard way; post party.


Here are a few post party discoveries:


Shirt stain stain-400 lipstick-collar-md

After your night of fun, you realize that you drank liquor that permanently stained your favorite shirt.  Rule #1, when you wear light colors, drink light liquor. If you are like me, I like what I like but sometimes our preference becomes a pitfall – an irreconcilable one. When you select what you sip based on your attire (and surroundings), it minimizes proof of a bad decision (whether on your part or not) and the pain of having to toss your favorite item.  Oh, and how about that lipstick on your collar?



bad cordination coordination bad cordination3

When you are excited about purchasing something for a big night and time isn’t in your favor, rash choices are made. You soon realize that your shirt maaaaaaaaaay not match the way you dreamed.  When you’re blinded by store florescent lighting, garment selection may be skewed; colors may not blend well or you finally realized that your clothes are actually over or undersized.   Seeing yourself in club lighting while wearing the same colors but a different shade will be disturbing. it’s happened to the best of us.



Sizing Sizing Sizing5

Ever looked at a photo of you standing next to a friend and realized that what you are wearing isn’t quite the best you could do? Standing next to your friends will tell you a lot about  what you look like in your clothing, specifically the size you’re wearing. Your immediate company will confirm whether what you are wearing to be ‘correct,’ while the other people in the room have the potential to introduce you to a new world better known as fit.  Even when ‘it’s not your style,’ you’re appearance can always be better or worse. Choose wisely.



wrinkles loose threads button_missing_of_mans_shirt-resized-600

Nothing is worse that partying hard, look down and realizing you’re missing a button. To your knowledge your button, threads and stitching was all there when you put your clothes on. Truth-of-the-matter is, with as much socializing, touching, dancing and laughter that went on, be glad you didn’t lose the shirt or coat all together. And where did you get all those wrinkles? What could you possibly been doing to incur such prolific clothing wounds? WHO KNOWS but it’s safe to say someone had a great time.


Not returning home the same way you left will always be a mystery after quite a few drinks. Being aware of the above could help solve looking a bit suspicious in photos that will never go away. So, CHEERS to being more aware.

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