Mar 09, 2015

5 Reasons to Ditch Beverly Hills and Stay in Marina del Rey

On your next trip to Los Angeles, skip the usual suspects—Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Santa Monica—and opt for the seaside beauty of Marina del Rey.

Sunrise in Marina del Rey

It’s hard to think of a bad place to sleep in Los Angeles., whether you prefer the high-rise hotels of downtown, boutique B&Bs in Beverly Hills or Airbnb apartments from Anaheim to Ventura. Then there’s the coast, from upmarket Malibu to shabby-chic Long Beach, from too-cool-for-school Venice to iconic Santa Monica.

When looking for an L.A.-area hotel, one place vacations and business travelers alike tend to overlook is Marina del Rey. A charming, quiet community right on the Pacific, Marina del Rey hotels make for a decidedly royal place to rest your head in the City of Angels.

It’s convenient

Marina del Rey is located a stone’s throw from Los Angeles International Airport, so whether you travel by rental car, taxi or the Santa Monica bus line, you’re just a few minutes from relaxing in your hotel room the moment your flight lands. Marina del Rey is also convenient to downtown L.A. and Hollywood, as well as all of the area’s beaches – this much should go without saying.

It’s gorgeous

Speaking of things that should go without saying, it’s hard to miss the beauty of Marina del Rey, even through southern California’s trademark morning haze. On the flip side, Marina del Rey delivers some of the most consistently beautiful sunsets in the country. It also has beautiful crystalline blue skies, towering palm trees and picturesque sail boats that decorate Marina del Rey throughout the day.

It’s upscale, but not pretentious

From luxury hotels and apartments, to five-star restaurants and golf courses, to – naturally – the marina itself, Marina del Rey has more than enough luxury to go around. But while many of L.A.’s other upscale neighborhoods suffer from an unfortunate snobbiness, Marina del Rey is as friendly as the soft clouds floating overhead as you enjoy an outdoor lunch or cocktail.

It’s got plenty of options

Of course, you needn’t be a luxury traveler to enjoy Marina del Rey. More affordable options are abundant, from budget and boutique hotels, to popular chain restaurants, to supermarkets to fetch ingredients to cook your own food, should you rent a Marina del Rey apartment on Airbnb. Plus, the best part of Marina del Rey – the gorgeous marina and Pacific Ocean – is 100% free to enjoy.

It’s kind of a well-kept secret

In spite of its convenience, beauty, luxuriousness and versatility as a destination, Marina del Rey is not one of the first places you’d think to stay in L.A., whether you’re in Southern California on business or pleasure. Although far from deserted, Marina del Rey is refreshingly uncrowded and doesn’t give off the air of being a tourist trap, even though it has all the makings of one.

Indeed, if there’s one conclusion you draw about Marina del Rey, it’s that you can make it whatever you want to be – a gateway to Santa Monica and Venice, or a beach destination in and of itself; a retreat from important business meetings, or the West Coast’s most scenic office; a place fit for a king, but in reach of us all.

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