May 20, 2015

5 Game-Changing Items Every Guy Should Have in His Pocket

Your pockets are for more than old gum wrappers. Here's what you should be carrying every day, from solid cologne to the ultimate multipurpose tool.

5 Game-Changing Items Every Guy Should Have In His Pocket

If there's one thing we learned from 007, it's that man can accomplish anything with the right tools at his disposal. From credit-card multitools to ultralight batteries, here are five pocket-sized upgrades to keep your wallet company.

Corter Leather Bottlehook

Corter Leather & Cloth – Bottlehook, $36.50

It's always a good idea to have a bottle opener handy, but that flimsy gas-station number is sorely due for an upgrade. Handcrafted in California from copper and brass, this one features a hook that goes right on your belt loop, plus a leather tag for labeling.

Native Union Jump Cable

Native Union – JUMP Cable Lightning

This gadget packs the benefits of a charging cable and battery into one portable bundle. The battery charges itself when the Lightning cable's in use, and offers a 30% boost when outlets are out of reach. Better yet, there's a micro-USB version too.

Baxter of California Pocket Comb

Baxter of California – Pocket Comb, $18

A comb is more than a tool for touching up your side part: It's an everyday companion, and a part of your personal style. Hand-cut and polished in Switzerland, this comb has a handsome tortoise shell finish that only gets better with age.

Zootility Tools Pocket Monkey

Zootility Tools – PocketMonkey, $10

You might have a multitool that fits in your pocket, but what about your wallet? This tool packs 12 diverse functions into 1mm of steel, from a ruler, hex wrench, and bottle opener to three types of screw drivers.

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne Vanguard

Alfred Lane – Vanguard Solid Cologne, $16

If Teddy Roosevelt had a signature scent, we imagine it was something like this. Using beeswax as a base, this cologne has a spicy, citrusy smell that's both timeless and bold. The tin fits right in your pocket—just reapply every few hours to keep the aroma going.

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