Dec 14, 2014

5 Details to Consider When Buying Cases and Sleeves for Your Gadgets

A fun laptop case by Pijama Almost everyone these days...


A fun laptop case by Pijama

Almost everyone these days has at least one tech gadget they like to carry around and use on a daily basis. Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or a laptop, your gadget deserves a good home and proper protection.

This is why we have put together a quick guide in which we take a closer look at how to choose great cases for your technology pieces. In this article, we will be talking about general guidelines that apply to your phone, your tablet or your laptop cases or sleeves.

To clarify, a sleeve is a light piece that wraps around your laptop or tablet and that usually does not feature any other pockets or elements, such as straps, while a case is a mix between a laptop bag and a sleeve. When speaking of phones, sleeves are usually the flexible, light pieces in which a phone is wrapped, while a case is a solid, non-flexible piece.


Let’s dive in and discover the 5 essential details you should look out for when choosing a case or a sleeve for your gadget:



1. Versatility

Most people today don’t have more cases for their tablet or laptop, and especially not for their phone, and even if they do, they don’t interchange them too often. Maybe this is something that will change, but until then, if you are going to only have one sleeve or case for a gadget, the number one thing you should consider is versatility. Versatility refers to an object’s capacity to be suited for different types of settings and situations and to go with different outfits. For example, an anime sleeve might work when you are going out to the coffee shop or to the park, but you might not be taken very seriously if you pull it out before starting an academic presentation.



A highly versatile and stylish leather iPad Case by Lotuff



A very creative and original wood iPhone case by Native Union

To clear things out and give you a few tips of what is casual and what is more formal, we can say that some materials are more versatile than others. For example, leather is a great material that works both with casual settings and outfits as well as with more dressed-up ones. Linen, on the other hand is a good example of a fabric that is only suited for casual accessories.

Moreover, the color of the case or sleeve can offer you insight in regards to the setting for which your sleeve is appropriate: deeper colors such as burgundy, brown, purple, beige, etc. are more dressy than neon green, fuchsia or yellow. It is rare to find something in lime green that is appropriate for more dressed-up occasions.

These factors are something you should always take into consideration when it comes to your phone sleeve or case, as your phone is most likely to be visible in a wider array of settings and places than your tablet sleeve.



2. Portability

Portability is next to versatility the most important factor when you are buying a new home for your gadgets, especially for your tablet or laptop. The right case should be a case that can fit well in your bags, backpack, drawers and every other place you might need to place it, it should always be easy to manipulate: consider the fact that some people need cases with handles, others only need cases that don’t feature any handles, etc.

It is very important to consider your lifestyle: what you do, where you go, whether you carry other things around, etc., before committing to a sleeve or case.



3. Style



A dinosaurs laptop sleeve for a childlike guy or for a paleontologist



A very elegant quilted laptop case

Even though it is crucial for a sleeve to be versatile and appropriate for a series of settings and to go with multiple outfits, you always need to make sure that the things in which you carry your gadgets are stylish and that they represent you. Buying a piece that is neutral and bland just for versatility’s sake does not do it: you will communicate through it that you are bland and sending this message is something that is most likely not going to work to your advantage.



4. Size

The size of your case or sleeve should always be an exact match to the size of the gadget it is holding. Keeping your gadget in an appropriately-sized case is crucial. Otherwise, you risk damaging your technology more than actually protecting it. Holding your gadget in a sleeve or case that is not appropriate for its size can make it woggle, fall out or slip, and all these things that can cause your gear to break, tare or scratch.



5. Lightness



A Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon sleeve


A fifth very important factor you should consider is your sleeve’s weight. Lightness is a key element when it comes to gadgets sleeves and cases. Since you are already carrying around a gadget has a certain weight, and especially if you are carrying a laptop, the last thing you need is a case or a sleeve or a case that weighs more than your computer.

Most gadget sleeves and cases are usually designed to be light, but every so often you might find one that heavy and bulky, so it’s important to pay attention to this factor as well.

Big, heavy and bulky sleeves and cases will not only be hard to carry, but they will probably be hard to manipulate as well. We believe that your gadgets should be carried in simple, light and easy-to-use cases or sleeves whose only role is to protect your phone, tablet or sleeve and, why not, to express your personality.



With these tips in mind, you will be able to make the best choice when it comes to phone, tablet or laptop cases and sleeves, regardless of your taste, preference, and style and of the gadget you own and use.


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