Feb 02, 2015

4 Dutch Houseboats That Are Cooler Than Your Actual Apartment

Make your stay in Amsterdam unique and unforgettable by renting...

Make your stay in Amsterdam unique and unforgettable by renting out one of these amazing private houseboats. Each pose ideal locations with all the comforts of a man cave or luxury hotel.

With so many houseboats to choose from, here are a few of our favourites. Check them out below.

1) “Tasmania” Houseboat

Cosy with all the comforts of home including a built-in studio that backs onto the water.

Tasmania Houseboat Amsterdam

Tasmania Houseboat Amsterdam 1

Tasmania Houseboat Amsterdam 2

2) Harbour View Houseboat

Just 10 minutes from the old centre of Amsterdam, this houseboat is like a floating bachelor pad with a modern interior, awesome fireplace and timber decking throughout. The sun deck looks like it came straight out of the Mediterranean. This one is hard to go ignore.

Harbour view houseboat amsterdam

Houseboat Amsterdam

3) Houseboat Ideaal II

Another floating man cave with another standout fireplace. The rustic detailing combined with the industrial-chic-features, creates an instant warmth.

Houseboat Ideaal II 1

Houseboat Ideaal II 2

Houseboat Ideaal II 3

Houseboat Ideaal II

4) ‘Ms Tevredenheid’ Houseboat

The new and fully restored old freight ship ‘Ms Tevredenheid’ from 1920’s is located in Amsterdam’s inner centre in the green ‘Plantage’ neighborhood.

'Ms Tevredenheid' Houseboat 1

'Ms Tevredenheid' Houseboat Amsterdam

'Ms Tevredenheid' Houseboat

'Ms Tevredenheid' Houseboat 2

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