May 20, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Define Your Perfect Beard Neckline

Having an uncontrolled beard neckline is a grooming faux-pas. Here's how to keep your beard clean and defined, in three easy steps.


Centuries ago, it was very easy to grow a beard. You just stopped shaving. Some beards ended on the chin, neck, some on the chest. If you still do this nowadays, there is a high chance that you look like a beggar and you might even loose your job over your bushy uncontrolled beard.

The times have changed. Having an uncontrolled beard neckline is an absolute no-no. I assume that you are a man of style, clean, smart, sophisticated, professional and you know that people judge you by the way you look. Some do it consciously, some on an unconscious level, but because humans are highly visual, the first thing their brain does (without them knowing) is to notice the visual look of the other person and then analyze their characteristics, social class and intelligence based on that. All this happens in a period of miliseconds. So as you now understand the importance of a clean neckline, it brings me to the point of this article – the fact that most guys’s neckline is designed incorrectly, even-though, it is sharp and clean and they probably spent hours on crafting it. Just imagine how many times you have seen it. Hundred times! And you know how funny it makes the person look. It not only makes their beard appear incomplete, but it also makes their face look fat. If you want to avoid this and learn how to find your perfect beard neckline, here are my tips:


The safest place is one inch above your Adam’s apple just entering the jawbone line. Continue this line slightly underneath the jawbone line all the way up right behind your ear lobes.


Follow the outer edge of your sideburns down toward the neckline. This will create the corners right under your ears where the sideburn line meets the jawbone line your jawbone line.


Now that you defined your neckline, shave everything under. If you have followed these simple 3 steps, you have just found your perfect neckline!

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