Aug 23, 2013


I've scoped the scene at Project Vegas for three jackets...




I've scoped the scene at Project Vegas for three jackets every man needs in their closet, and here are the three that I can't do without: (1) A leather jacket by Public School, do I need to explain why? The details and execution is on point! The BEST leather jacket I've seen all week. (2) A light washed-distressed denim jacket by 3x1. I've been seeking a light-wash denim jacket for quite sometime, and while most brands prefer the darker denim jackets, I believe 3x1 might be the only brand that offers a denim jacket at this wash, well, one that is actually appealing. (3) A navy nylon rain coat with white leather trim by GANT---The only reason why Noah, yourself, and I wouldn't mind the rain. Do yourself a favor and add these impeccable outerwear to your wish list for Spring '14.

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