Nov 26, 2013

3 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Men's Suit

A suit is an important piece of clothing for a...


A suit is an important piece of clothing for a man. It does not matter whether you are buying a suit to wear to work, to a wedding, or even just to put in the wardrobe for the times when you really need it, like job interviews and funerals. What your suit looks like says a lot about you. After all, a man who clearly takes pride in his appearance is usually seen as reliable, trustworthy, and someone worth talking to and wanting to get to know better.

While most men own or will buy a suit at some point in their lives, it is amazing how frequently they can turn buying a suit into a complete fashion disaster. Although there are many things that can go wrong, we have picked out the three biggest mistakes to avoid.

Getting the Size Wrong

The size of a men’s suit is something that mystifies people. Even men who have been wearing tailoring for years can still get their suit size wrong. The first thing to do is understand that you should not base your suit size on the clothes you would normally wear.

Ensure you go to a tailor to be measured up correctly for your suit. Even if you are not buying your suit from a professional tailor, they will do a much better job of sizing you than someone in a high street store will, even if there is a dedicated tailoring department.

Most men deliberately go for an extra size, particularly with the jacket, so they can feel more relaxed and because they also believe they look bigger and stronger. Unfortunately, your trousers will always give the game away, and all that will happen is that you will look like you are swimming in your jacket.

Not Understanding Materials

Although the ideal experience for buying a suit is to spend time with a tailor or someone who appears to know what they are talking about in a store, we understand that this doesn’t always happen. The trap many men then fall into is that they simply buy a suit based on the colour and pattern they want, and don’t look or consider anything else when trying it on or looking at it on the peg.

However, by not considering the type of material, you are instantly causing a problem. Imagine you are buying a suit for the summer, for example, and you mistakenly buy one that is 100% wool; straight away you are going to be uncomfortable on hot days, something you always want to avoid when wearing a suit, especially if you are at a wedding or at work.

Suit Etiquette

Why are you buying a suit? This should dictate the type of suit you are buying. For example, a simple morning suit might be appropriate for work or a wedding, but not necessarily for a formal function or dinner you might be attending. Suits aren’t cheap; make sure you aren’t spending a decent amount of money only to find you are falling foul of dress codes and other expectations!

Avoid these three mistakes and you'll buy the right suit, every time.

Author Bio: Jenny is not only interested in style guides relating to difficult to buy garments such as suits, but also in cultural trends like Islamic fashion and why certain items and styles are more popular than others across the world.

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