May 22, 2013

3 exotic knots for your necktie

Learn how to tie unique dress tie knots such as the Eldredge, the Trinity, and the Cape knot.

The Windsor. The Four-one. The Half-Windsor. These are all tie basics that you will learn about in most style textbooks, but when you get tired and bored of them, or want to do something on a date just to impress that someone special, here are three exotic tie-knots that you can try. They are super unconventional.

1) The Eldredge Knot

I first saw this knot on somebody at the Audi Fashion Festival last week and thought, “Man, that’s a super cool looking knot!”. And that kind of led me to research and come to discover these 3 knots that I am sharing here today. The Eldredge Knot - it is a very unique and grabs ones attention, kind of resembles a braid . Here’s a diagram from demostrating how it is tied (and a video posted by this guy Alex Krasny who is doing all of us a favour here showing how to tie this knot!)

2) The Trinity Knot

Once you mastered the Eldredge, perhaps you might want to try this next one – the Trinity knot. The Trinity has a three-way symmetry and it’s a good looking knot on any tie. It’s a guaranteed ice-breakers as people will come asking you how did it. “It’s all about details!” , I can hear you say proudly.

3) The Cape Knot

Finally, one more knot before you graduated from this class – The Cape knot. This knot works best with mono-colored ties, pattern or paisley ties, but not with stripes.-the stripes gets all zany and it creates a messy look.

So, there you have it, 3 exotic ways to tie your knots. And remember, like with all magicians, don’t give away your secrets so easily. Let them all admire in awe!

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