Feb 18, 2014

3 Camera Bags You Want (And Most Likely Need)

I bought a camera pretty recently and though I haven’t...

Holdfast Roamographer I bought a camera pretty recently and though I haven’t used it very much yet, my upcoming trip to San Juan will surely stop it from collecting dust. one of the biggest reasons I think I haven’t really used it is because I don’t have a bag I love to carry it in. Luckily, the choices of good looking bags to carry it in is vast. I’ll list a few below. (plus the one I purchased.)

RB-02-Slider Above is the Roamographer from Holdfast. Definitely the most expensive, but definitely the most handsome of the group. This bag is made from American Bison and clocks in at $495, but will last a lifetime and could be handed down to the kids one day when they inherit a love of photography from you.

dsp_pk_spk_08_grande Up next is the Sling Pack from D SPTCH. Although not necessarily a camera bag, DSPTCH is well known for their camera slings and wrist straps. Made of Ballistic Nylon, Duraflex hardware and Mil spec webbing and constructed in the USA. This is the bag you want if you plan on photographing a war zone or the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

poler-camera-cooler-xl Finally, the C amera Cooler from Poler Stuff and the one I went with. The reason I grabbed one of these over the others is because of it’s functionality. The Camera Cooler’s name says it all. It can hold your camera or double as a six pack cooler. It’s got a nice long padded strap that’s perfect for riding your bike to the park and enjoy a couple cold ones.

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