Dec 08, 2014

2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey Review

The Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey is distilled from a...

Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey Review
The Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey is distilled from a mash of unmalted wheat and malted rye. Unusual you say? Very. Now let’s add in the fact that it’s aged in used bourbon barrels and you have yourself a recipe for some interesting and tasty whiskey.

It is a little young and a little light tasting, but unlike some “craft distillers” out there, who just slap a label on some MGP whiskey and call it a day, these guys actually do make the whiskey themselves. They do everything from mashing to bottling in-house at their distillery in Sonoma, CA (hence the name) and they work hard to put out a quality spirit that has a taste all it’s own. This is definitely unlike any other wheat whiskey out there.

2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey Review

ABV: 47.5%
Age: NAS
Price: $53*
Distiller: Sonoma County Distilling
Mashbill: Wheat and malted rye (% unknown)

Light caramel

There is a sweetness from the wheat and a spiciness from the rye that roll and mingle on their way out of the glass. Some caramel mixes with raw grain and citrus notes and a light bit of vanilla. It smells a bit young, but the sweet and spicy combo is rather nice.

Again it’s sweet and spice battling it out for dominance with caramel, raw grain and citrus playing the calvary. Vanilla is a little heavier here than on the nose and some light baking spice shows up towards the end. The flavor is a little on the light side, but it’s pleasant all the way.

Grain driven but complimented with notes of caramel, vanilla and wheated sweetness.

Decent balance without anything really dominating anything else. Thin bodied it runs a little hot, but has a nice slick texture that makes it easy to drink.

Not my everyday drinker, but something I’ll definitely be using to break up the week and add a little something different to my usual line up. Though it definitely works as a sipping whiskey (and holds up on ice) my preference is in cocktails. The sweet and spicy mixture makes such a nice combo for bouncing other flavors off of. I made a Basin Street with it and loved the way it worked with the citrus notes. With the strong spice and sweet notes I honestly don’t know why this isn’t the secret weapon of more bartenders.

SCORE: 83/100


*Disclosure: This was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.

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