Apr 20, 2015

When It Comes to Denim, Go Big or Go Home

Isaac Hindin-Miller shows us the right way to pull of a Canadian tuxedo: all or nothing.

Hey, gidday mates! Hola! Que tal? I’m coming to you live from Maderas Village in sunny Nicaragua, Central America, where I’m going to be located for the next six days. Operation: Get A Tan is now in session. I’m here with a bunch of my best friends and I will be updating my Instagram with obnoxious regularity so go take a gander if you so desire. This post was clearly not shot in Nicaragua, but in Soho, and features as much tone-on-tone denim as I could fit on my person. More is more, people, more is more.



FYI — this is my friend Ola Rudnicka. She’s a Polish girl who lives in Paris, and her boyfriend Wladimir is one of my good mates, but she travels to NYC so much for work that I end up hanging out with her about 10-15 times per year, and I only get to see Wladimir about twice. So now she’s my good mate too.

I’m wearing: Levi’s denim jacket; Alex Mill check shirt; Maison Kitsune T-shirt; Forever 21 jeans; Maximum Henry belt; and Converse sneakers.


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