Mar 23, 2015

What Women Really Want You to Wear

What do women really want you to wear? Turns out, their dream man dresses a lot like James Dean.

Last week I wrote about sexual signifiers, repelling women and complicated designer clothing. Later that day, I took a quick survey of my female friends and asked them what, in their opinion, is the sexiest thing a guy can wear? Some said a suit, one said nothing at all, the majority said the following: Leather jacket, plain T-shirt, black jeans, sneakers.

I’m not going to try and get into a discussion of why this particular style of outfit works for the ladies (because bad boy stereotypes embarrass me and you will literally hear the cringing as I type), but I will say that every famous movie star of the past 50 years has rocked it at one point, and that I spent a disproportionately large amount of time at this one East Village bar in the year 2014, and watched as identically clad guys in leather jackets, white tees and black jeans had extremely high success rates with the girls who frequented the place.

The advantages of this outfit combo are the following: 1. It’s extremely easy and requires little to no thought; 2. The less you sleep, shower, wash your hair, shave and/or seem to care, the better it looks; 3. It’s a uniform so you always know exactly how it’s going to look. The disadvantages are that: 1. Leather jackets are expensive; 2. I like showering; 3. Fit is paramount — I’d recommend buying your leather jacket a size smaller than you think you are. Oh and one last thing: This outfit would look equally good with a pair of skintight stonewashed jeans, but I’m struggling to find a good pair of skintight stonewashed jeans right now, so… vintage Levi’s anybody?

I’m wearing: Reiss leather jacket; Alternative Apparel T-shirt; French Connection jeans; and Converse Chuck Taylors.


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