Dec 30, 2014

#2676 My Year In Menswear

I don’t want to go so far as to say...

I don’t want to go so far as to say that going through old photographs of myself is cathartic, but one of the advantages of having Le Bloggy Wog — and of chronicling aspects of my life in minute detail — is that I can look back and immediately recall moments that otherwise might have been lost. So without further ado, here are a bunch of my favourite (and most memorable) blog outfits of 2014, with a couple of little anecdotes to go along with them.

Top — In February, just a few days after my relationship imploded and my life began to feel like it was falling apart, I flew out to Milan during the womenswear shows to attend a party celebrating Persol Sunglasses. As you can imagine I was not a particularly happy chappy, but I did enjoy this one day when I ran around the shows with the streetstyle photographers — Justin Bridges, Melodie Jeng, Dan Roberts, Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, Adam Katz, and the rest — and viewed fashion week through their eyes. I shot this with Justin that morning in front of the Principe Hotel where everybody parties most nights during MFW. The sweater was knitted for me by my Mum. It reminded me of home.

Bottom — In November I got a leather jacket and it changed my life.

Top left — Casually Skating In Hermes. For a couple of weeks there I was shooting with this extremely cool 18 year old East Village skater kid named Tucker Vander Wyden, and he didn’t believe that I used to skate. I hopped on his board to prove him wrong one day, and he shot this — it turned out to be one of my most popular posts of the year.

Top right — How To Nail Black Tie For Less Than $350. In April I was contacted by a menswear startup named Combatant Gent, who wanted me to showcase their $200 tuxedo. I agreed to do it so long as we could spend however much it cost to get it tailored appropriately, and they agreed. The results (for that price) were pretty spectacular. I shot that one with Matt Rubin the morning before I flew out to California for Coachella.

Middle right — In June I received an invite for the wedding of one of my friends, with the confusing dress code: Jewel Toned Boho Chic. I wore La Paz, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Crane Brothers, and Ermenegildo Zegna for the occasion. Highlights from the wedding included David Blaine wandering around doing card tricks for guests, and the best man speech, delivered by none other than Woody Harrelson. Only in NYC.

Grey Gucci Suit and Burberry Trench Coat — Those photos mark the first time I worked with both companies. Both were pretty huge moments for me.

Left — In early summer, inspired by cool girls in the East Village, I went to Levi’s and bought a pair of stonewash 501s, and proceeded to wear them — and other 90s-influenced clothing — nonstop. This outfit was a take on something the singer Dev Hynes might wear. I actually met him a couple of months later in Tompkins Square Park and was about to tell him about the blog post but then I chickened out. Next time.

Right — For my 30th birthday, my lovely sister Rebeccah commissioned one of my great old friends (and one of the most talented people I’ve ever met), Harriet Were, to design this sweater for me. What an honor. I’m going to keep it forever.

In October I was hanging out with my platonic life partner Jenny Albright outside La Colombe on Lafayette Street in Noho when Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, walked up. We chatted for a while, then he snapped this photograph, which will not only go down as an awesome moment of 2014, but a brilliant representation of mine and Jenny’s friendship. Speaking of which, I really should print it out and get it framed.

Left — In the early summer I was partying so much that it was an extremely rare night when I’d get home earlier than 4:00am, and it was starting to take a hefty toll on my mental health, physical health, friendships, and work. Still, when you’re a blogger, the show must go on, and my two-fold antidote to looking like a train wreck was wearing a suit, and a heavy dose of colour correction. Special thanks to Matt Rubin for his patience shooting me during this time, those were not happy days.

Right — Another great way to fake health and happiness was to simply turn my back on the camera. That way, nobody can see the tears! Not really, but kinda.

And finally, sun’s out, guns out!

Special thanks to Matt Rubin, Sheena, Ashka Shen, James K Lowe, Anthony Urbano, Marcel Floruss, Lisa Dengler, Tucker Vander Wyden, Melodie Jeng, Justin Bridges, and everybody else who shot me this year. You’re my mates.


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