Nov 20, 2014

#2653 The 10 Best Men’s Winter Coats Under $400

The 10 Best Men’s Winter Coats Under $400. Anon asks:...

Best men's winter coats. Isaac Likes Topman

The 10 Best Men’s Winter Coats Under $400.

Anon asks: Yo Isaac, any recommendations for winter jackets? I’m a student on a budget. Thanks.

Hey, gidday mate. After some extensive research, I’ve put together my picks for the 10 best men’s winter coats under $400, in numerical order from cheapest to most expensive (starting at a paltry $89.90 for a Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Coat, and going up to $398 for a J.Crew Snorkel Jacket). Enjoy!

1. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Coat — $89.90. Great by itself over a heavy sweater, or as a middle layer beneath a heavy wool overcoat when it’s extra freezing.

2. Uniqlo Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat — $149.90. Super simple, super classic and super well-priced, this coat is as versatile as all hell, and will look good over a suit, or jeans and a sweater. Too easy.

3. Uniqlo +J Premium Down Coat — $149.90. This one is like a high-tech duffle coat, and it might just be the warmest of the lot. That blue is pretty neutral, so I’d probably want to pop some colour in the mix, like a sky blue woolen sweater, a fire engine red cardigan, or a forest green crewneck.

4. Topman Premium Grey Drop Shoulder Coat — $200. Not to be biased, but I’m obsessed with oversized coats at the moment, and this is by far my favourite of the lot.

5. J.Crew Dock Peacoat — $298. Just to keep things from looking too uniform, I’m showing this one in a mossy green, but it comes in classic navy, too. Perfect with denim and a chunky fisherman’s sweater, camp socks and heavy-soled leather lace-ups.

6. Banana Republic Textured Wool Topcoat — $298. I’m personally a big fan of textured wools, and this is a good option if you’re after something classic with a bit of surface detail. This one will definitely work over a suit, but you can dress it down with jeans, boots, a fair isle sweater and a fuzzy scarf.

7. Patagonia Isthmus Parka — $322.15. This is a little on the short side, but it’s fleece-lined so it should be pretty warm. I love the indigo purple colour, and all those utility pockets. Probably best suited to a warmer winter.

8. Original Montgomery Duffle Coat Classic Camel — $325. I’ve been eyeing up this duffle coat for about two years now, and one of these days I am going to pull the trigger. NB: Duffle coats should be oversized and extremely heavy, so if you pick one up and you’re worried it’s a little too big, just run with it. The bigger, the better.

9. French Connection Cavalry Wool Coat — $388. My friend Anthony has this guy and he’s been wearing it around lots. Perfect if you’re after something 100% wool with a bit of a military lean, but you don’t have the cash for Burberry.

10. J.Crew Snorkel Jacket — $398. Because who doesn’t love a giant lined parka with faux fur in the hood?

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