Nov 10, 2014

#2645 I Got A Leather Jacket And It’s Changing My Life

Shot on Lafayette Street by Ashka Shen. I live in...


Shot on Lafayette Street by Ashka Shen.

I live in the East Village where every man and his dog roams the streets rocking a black leather asymmetrical moto jacket, but due to my years-long refusal to wear anything darker than navy it never even occurred to me to try one on myself. I’d see dudes like Matt Hitt from Drowners walk into Black Market on a random Tuesday night absolutely killing the game in black sneakers, black jeans, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket and still it didn’t occur to me that maybe I was missing out.

So anywho, the fine folks at Reiss invited me to try out a couple of pieces from their range last week, and as I was walking through the store with my mate Max (who is an enormous fan of both leather jackets and black clothing), I came across this simple black leather moto jacket and decided to give it a go.

People go on and on about how a man never feels as powerful as when he’s wearing a suit, but I can honestly tell you that a good leather jacket trumps that. I looked in the mirror and was like, ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh, now I get it.’

Consider me one of the converted masses. If you, like me, are new to leather and/or the colour black, here are a couple of tips I picked up from my mates Rufus and Jayesh from New Zealand (who I texted the entire way through the trying-on stage to ensure I got the right one); and my mate Romy from my neighbourhood.

1. Don’t be afraid to buy a size smaller than what you think you should wear — leather stretches like denim, so it should be very snug when you first try it on. 2. If you’re never going to wear it zipped up, go even smaller. 3. Black leather looks really really good with stonewash denim — this never would have occurred to me personally, but my mate Romy wears her LJ with vintage blue Levi’s all the time and it’s a great look. 4. The same doesn’t go for raw denim jeans, but black does look good with most other blues.

I’m wearing: Reiss leather jacket; Club Monaco sweater; Alex Mill shirt; APC jeans; J.Crew socks; and Converse Chuck Taylors.


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