Nov 06, 2014

#2643 Advanced Layering

Hey, gidday mates. Hot diggity dog did it get cold...

Hey, gidday mates. Hot diggity dog did it get cold last weekend. I’m talking like four degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) with wind chill that made it feel way below zero. To compensate, I threw on this outfit and made the same joke to my long-suffering friends all day long about how I was rocking an Advanced Layering look. Simple pleasures for simple minds (mine, not theirs).

You see, about eight years ago (I believe it was F/W 2006) when I was so obsessive about runway shows that I could barely ever think about anything else, both Burberry and Prada put out collections that featured cardigans-as-outerwear layered over tailored jackets. I was working as a stylist for FQ Men in New Zealand at the time, so for the next few months, every shoot I did of course had to feature a cardigan layered over top of a jacket. Same went for me whenever I left the house — my favourite version being a heavy, oversized, charcoal wool cardigan layered over a maroon velvet blazer with skintight black jeans. It was a pretty serious look.

The Advanced Layering LOL refers to those ridiculous spreads that fashion magazines put out every now and again where they suggest some nonsensical styling technique — often taken from a professional streetstyle star’s outfit at an international fashion week — followed by the disclaimer: “This one’s not for beginners.” As if reading fashion magazines is like watching Jackass and you should NOT try this at home.

The key to nailing the cardigan-as-outerwear look is pretty simple, really: Make sure that your cardigan is knitted from a heavy wool and that it’s large enough to comfortably fit over top of your denim jacket, shacket, blazer, sweater or whatever you want to wear it with. If it’s bunching at the sleeves and/or giving the appearance of a condom pulled over a raw chicken leg, you’re probably going to want to size up. Easy!

I’m wearing: Z Zegna double-breasted cardigan; Gant Rugger jacket; La Paz sweater; Zambesi scarf; APC jeans; Red Wing boots; and J.Crew socks.

Special thanks to Anthony Urbano for the photos.


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