Aug 05, 2014

2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle

Reviving the likes of the Roadmaster, Chief and Chieftain in...


Reviving the likes of the Roadmaster, Chief and Chieftain in just three years, Polaris Industries is focused on returning the Indian brand name to the forefront of the motorcycle industry. For its latest resurrection, Polaris redesigned the popular Indian Scout, the first all-new rendition in over 70 years. Incorporating the model’s trademark “rigid” triangular shape, the 2015 Scout is built with a cast aluminum frame to make it the lightest in its class, albeit weighing more than 560 lbs. With a solo tan leather bucket seat sitting 25 inches off the ground, a 61.5-inch wheelbase and a 31-degree lean angle, this model is expected to be one of the more sportier cruiser-style bikes on the market. Furthermore, power is supplied through a liquid-cooled, 1133cc V-twin engine that delivers 100 horsepower and 71 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed overdrive transmission. Soon to be available later this year in black, red, matte grey and matte black, the Indian Scout will begin retailing at about $11,000 USD.

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