Apr 26, 2014

15 Yellow Underwear To Say Hello To Spring

There comes a time during the Spring/Summer season when, like...


There comes a time during the Spring/Summer season when, like the Coldplay song suggest, it is all yellow. When a collection needs a certain color that will pop, exudes fun, and turn a frown upside down — yellow underwear is a safe choice.

Yes, yellow by itself can come across a bit overwhelming, but, brands have found ways this season to jazz up the simple yellow brief, from adding equally as expressive waistbands to bold contrasts and fabrics.

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For their new, tropical inspired Miami Collection, Garcon Model has a yellow trunk with colorful pink contrast trimming. Besides the pink contrast, black is another great contrast color we have seen from collections like Cocksox and N2N.

Andrew Christian has a line of neons for this season. The neon yellow Quirk trunk is perfect for dancing under a black light at a club party. Besides neon, we have seen a lot of pastels for the season of Spring from Baskit and aussieBum.

The 2xist Volume trunk features a waistband with a fun music inspired print. The Nasty Pig Covert Brief features a contrasting black print on the underwear.

Check out all 15 of our yellow underwear picks below. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information about these brands: 2xistAndrew ChristianaussieBumBaskitMack WeldonUndergearRounderbumPump!Nasty PigN2NJoe SnyderJorGarcon ModelFreedom ReignsCocksox

Brand: 2(x)ist
Underwear: Volume No-Show Trunk
Retail: $28
Brand: Undergear
Underwear: Basix Brief
Retail: $16
Brand: Joe Snyder
Underwear: NXL Boxer
Retail: $33
Brand: Andrew Christian
Underwear: Almost Naked Quirk Boxer
Retail: $24.93
Brand: aussieBum
Underwear: WJ Pro Pastel Brief
Retail: $19.49
Brand: Jor
Underwear: Athletic Black Brief
Retail: $21.90
Brand: Baskit
Underwear: Utility Low Rise Trunk
Retail: $18
Brand: Mack Weldon
Underwear: Trunk
Retail: $22
Brand: Cocksox
Underwear: Trunk CX68
Retail: $19
Brand: N2N
Underwear: Classic Cotton Pouch Brief
Retail: $19
Brand: Nasty Pig
Underwear: Covert Brief
Retail: $29
Brand: Freedom Reigns
Underwear: CFB-7-2 YELLOW
Retail: $31.50
Brand: Garcon Model
Underwear: Espanola Trunk
Retail: $32
Brand: Pump!
Underwear: Brightlife Yellow Boxer
Retail: $24
Brand: Rounderbum
Underwear: Anatomic Yellow
Retail: $22.50

Photo Credit: 2xist, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Baskit, Mack Weldon, Undergear, Rounderbum, Pump!, Nasty Pig, N2N, Joe Snyder, Jor, Garcon Model, Freedom Reigns, Cocksox

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