Jun 23, 2015

10 Hairstyles to Steal from Men's Fashion Week

Here are the hottest men's hairstyles of the spring 2016 shows. The best part? You can get the look at home.

A few months ago I revealed some tricks to get a male model face and I saw that you guys were very interested in the subject. One of the reasons behind this is because models show confidence, appeal, power and style, which most people want.

Also just to throw it out there; they are styled by the top professionals in the industry, and they follow the last trends.

Truth be told… No matter how different some men want their hairstyle to be, the classic haircuts will always be at the top of the list.

If you look at male runway models, most of them have the typical sided classic haircut and it looks good. The days are over where you needed to over do your hair and clothes.

Minimalism is the style of the year and you should keep the rest of your style accordingly. Let’s see some hairstyles from the runways that we can steal from:

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Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016
Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016

Marlon Teixeira, the best paid model in Brazil, definitely knows how to style his hair. His hair defines exactly the Brazilian “carioca” surfer style. This style requires not much comb but a lot of hydration to keep the hair looking healthy.


Daks Spring/Summer 2016

This is a great choice to look classy and simple. If you don’t like to spend much time taking care of your hair, this should be your go to style. I would say that this cut is better for someone with thin hair and a more squared jaw though.


John Richmond Spring/Summer 2016

The pompadour is a classic and will always be in style. It has been one of the most desired hairstyles by many for decades; and I don’t see it going out of trend anytime soon.


Joseph Abril Spring/Summer 2015

This is one of the latest trends of the year. After guys started letting the “pompadour’ hair grow, they saw that they could do a small tail. Surprisingly it looks good and I have seen even celebrities like Jared Leto following this trend.


Missoni Spring/Summer 2016

This is one of the best ways to style your Afro hair. If you are used to leaving it short, you should let it grow once to see how it looks. You might get surprised by how good it will look on you.


Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Spring/Summer 2016

The good thing about long hair is that you can create a lot with it. And if you just want to ‘leave as it is’ it will look good as well. The problem is that this is one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain. The reason is because you don’t want to be walking around with dirty, too oily or too dry hair. So make sure use a deep hydration creme at least once a week and use heat protect when drying it.


Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016

This is one of my favorites and the one I currently use. I like it, because of the squared sides, it makes my face look longer and squared as well. This is great for those with oval faces like me because it also lengthens your chin.


Versace Spring/Summer 2016

The “rich kid” playboy kind of look. The shiny sided cut with some wave is a classic and it is seen a lot in most runway shows. It is also the signature hairstyle for the Ralph Lauren male models.


Etro Spring/Summer 2016

I saw this hairstyle a lot last year on the runways; including the Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 . You don’t see many men combing their hair forward so it tells me it is kind of a unique look out of runways. I would totally like to try this out to see how it would looks.


Etro Spring/Summer 2016

If you want to go a little crazier and try a hairstyle totally out of the box, this would be it. Adam Levine was one of the top trends this year because of this hairstyle and I think it looks totally cool. Choose any of the top styles and dye your hair. Would you do it?

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