Aug 30, 2013

10 Luxury Pieces for The Modern Lazy Boy

It should come as no surprise that guys like to...

It should come as no surprise that guys like to be comfortable in their clothes. There is no "suffer for the sake of fashion" mantra here. If it fits and it feels good, we're sold. I'm from Chicago, the home of athletic White Sox sweatsuits and worn in cross-trainers, so I understand the need to want to "bum it out" every now and then. But there's a way to do this while fulfilling that designer sweet tooth of yours.
                              Check out some of my cozy cool favorites below.

When it comes to lounge wear, sweatshirts are by far my favorites. Try a bold graphic print like this guy above, and throw a crisp white button up underneath to polish it up with a nice fitted jean. Not too crabby, eh? 


Honestly, I look at these and I go, "mmmmm comfy!" Mission accomplished.


Sweat pants are tricky. So fit is key here, and if you can find an awesome print while you're at it, you're winning! These guys aren't for the menswear faint of heart, but when wearing these I assure you, seeing spots is a good thing. 

Hoodies are perfect for running errands, going to the airport and fighting Vegas styled hangovers. I like to keep mine simple and light like the GAP one above. There's no need to spend a ton on a basic and no one perfects good quality basics like the GAP. 


God knows that when I'm having an awful hair day (yes black guys have those too), my go-to is a nice snapback. This color's a bit extreme, so I would tone down the rest of the outfit here, but don't forget you are wearing a work of art on your head. 


I go through several v-necks a season, so it doesn't hurt to upgrade from the traditional cheap buy. (I'm looking at you H&M.) These Perse shirts have some serious wear and tear quality, so stack up!

Jimmy Choo makes amazing high tops, and while these beauties certainly aren't cheap, they make for some dazzling eye candy. And don't you dare take these off at your housewarming party next Friday. I guarantee you that'll be the last time you see em.


I live in my Jack Purcells. They're a great everyday sneaker if you're looking for something  less dramatic than the Jimmy's above. The camo print is a great way to make the shoe interesting while remaining neutral with the color palette. You're welcome.


Beanies are apart of my religion, and it never hurts to add a new one to the collection. This Marc one is oversized and a neutral color--what every good beanie should be. You'll look like one of the cool kids, even while you're waiting in line for the new PS4. 


The Henley is a perfect in-between of sweater and shirt. The fits are usually body contouring so you'll look like you've been hitting the gym. Key word there is look gents. 

If anything, take these pieces and use them as inspiration during your next menswear haul. Which lazy piece is your fav?

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