Jun 19, 2014

10 Best Dressed Men in the 2014 World Cup

Outside of North America, soccer players are seen as some...

Outside of North America, soccer players are seen as some of the world’s most influential people and tastemakers.  Many of the players have dabbed into the world of fashion, style and menswear. Players are often captured by paparazzi off the pitch dressed in everything from Savile Row suits, high end sneakers, and some of menswear most sought after pieces. Soccer players have style and definitely are not afraid to show it when they’re not in their kits and cleats.

Here are some of 10 best dressed men in the 2014 World Cup.

Keisuke Honda

Team: Japan

You know you made it when the world of menswear in your home country has labeled you the most stylish athlete of the country. Keisuke Honda is like the Japanese David Beckham.  His off pitch style matters as much as his play. Honda can often be seen in classic menswear pieces, such as properly fitting three piece suits, unconstructed blazers, and popular menswear trends such as Japanese indigo.

Sergio Ramos

Team: Spain

This Spanish star was not always considered at the forefront of menswear. There was a time when Ramos sported long hair and dressed more like a bro who looked like they were constantly at the beach. Ever since Ramos’s decided to ditch the long locks, and opted for a more mature cropped cut, his personal style followed suit. Ramo’s can now be seen in more menswear basics such as plain oxford shirts, coloured chinos, and fitted polo’s.

Joachim Lowe

Team: Germany

Germany’s head coach, Joachim Lowe, is one of the best dressed managers in the beautiful game.  Every time Germany is in a major tournament, the camera always makes it’s way to Lowe’s simply tailored menswear basics. Lowe seems to have mastered the art of dressing in basic; the fit are always spot on. Lowe is always seen marching down the pitch screaming at his players in a crisp semi spread white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, some navy dress pants, and black oxford shoes to round out the elegance.

Cesare Prandelli

Team: Italy

Even though they’re not playing in the match, managers still dress to impress on the sidelines, as if they know they will receive plenty of camera time. Italy’s manager, Cesare Prandel,l often looks like he’s ready to shoot a lookbook. Before managing the Italian national team, Prandell has always been known to incorporate his club’s colours into his outfits.  Now managing the Italian national team, Prandell now is always seen in a nicely tailored Italian with a classic white shirt, and a navy tie to match.

Didier Drogba

Team: Ivory Coast

Didier Drogba has always been known to be running in many menswear circles in Europe, he recently partnered up with French label, HOM, on an exclusive line of Didier approved underwear. Stylistically, Drogba has always dabbed into many styles in the world of menswear. He’s seen all over Europe in everything from everything from tailored suits to street wear essentials such as snapback caps, graphic t-shirts, and sneakers.

Lio Messi

Team: Argentina

Lio Messi hasn’t always been the sharpest dresser; especially earlier in his career. However, when you play your ass off, score tons of goals every game, and begin to win consecutive FIFA’s Ballon d’OR’s (aka the award for the best soccer player in the world), you have no choice but to dress sharply to accept all the awards and accolades. Messi’s off the pitch style has always been leaning towards the formal side, with mostly suits and blazers either dressed up or down.

Mario Belltleli

Team: Italy

If you could compare Mario Belltleli style to a comparable North American athlete, it would be the Italian version of Russell Westbrook; Super Mario doesn’t really care what other people think of his style or outfits. As much as you question Belltleli’s outfits, you have to respect him for wearing whatever he feels. Belltleli has been known for wearing tons of casual ready to wear collections from high fashion such as Dsquared and Louis Vuttion.  Whenever he’s called upon the Italian national team, Belltleli cleans up nicely in the team’s off field uniform of a simple two button navy suit.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Team: Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Lebron James of soccer.  He’s currently the best soccer player on the planet, and when you’re the best player in your sport, your style has to be on point with how much you’re in the spotlight. There were times earlier in his career where he ventured into the dark realm of euro trash bro; wearing nothing but flashy tight euro fitting high end fashion. Ronaldo seems to have found a good balance now.  While he still wears tons of high end couture, it’s now cleaner with less flashy logos.

Raul Meireles

Team: Portugal

Raul Meireles really likes menswear to the extent he and his wife opened a fashion boutique in his native land of Portugal a few years ago. Meireles has been seen wearing everything from formal perfectly tailored suits to trendy menswear items such as stripes, and stone washed denim.

The Entire England Squad

If you’re going to compare the English national team, there a lot like the New York Knicks; loads of hype, but hardly any success.  The 2014 England Squad might not win the 2014 World Cup, but the entire England squad is dressed for success heading into Brazil. The English Football Association has commissioned Marks and Spencer to design the official suit, where the players will be required to wear before their world cup games. The Autograph suit is made with mohair fabric and features two button, single breasted suit with narrow lapels.

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