Details Style Syndicate FAQ

What is this "network" exactly?

The Details Style Syndicate is a channel that showcases luxury men’s content from participating sites that have been hand-picked by our editors. An international community of writers and photographers continually updates the channel over the course of the day. Readers may sort through content by categories and subcategories (fashion, grooming, lifestyle, etc.).

Who is contributing?

Sites from around the world file stories on a daily basis. If you'd like to contribute to the Syndicate, you can do so here.

How often is the channel updated?

Participating bloggers/sites can authorize content to be submitted to Details at any time. Details editors approve only certain posts. New articles and photos appear throughout the day.

How do Details editors choose sites and content?

Our editors have reached out to blogs/sites that show a high degree of originality and excellence, but anyone can contact us and inquire about contributing on the following topics: Fashion, Style, Grooming, Travel, Food, Drink, Design, Architecture, Gadgets, and Tech.

How does it work?

Both bloggers and Details editors work with a third-party company called Tidal. For more information about Tidal’s communities, visit

Who can I contact to learn more?

Contact Nick Rhodes at or Details Style Syndicate support at

Who handles the PR for this channel?

Contact communications director Shen Williams at

How can I tell if a site contributes to the Details Style Syndicate?

Look for this badge on participating sites:

Does anyone get paid?

No, this is a community powered by mutually interested parties.